Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow I am going to indulge in turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and whatever else my family will cook for me. (G-d, I love being pregnant!)

The day after my mom is taking me to buy some pregnancy clothes.

The rumor has it, Friday after Thanksgiving is “National” Buy Nothing Day, at Berkeley at least. I doubt that November 24 is “National” Buy Nothing Day in Sacramento where I am planning my shopping spree. November 24 is believed to be the busiest shopping day of the year in this country. So refusing to shop that day is sort of like refusing to eat on the 4th of July: You don’t partake in the custom because you are better then the community that celebrates the event in question.

Incidentally I did a little research, and, turns out, this now international Buy Nothing Day was started by a Canadian and promoted by a Canadian magazine. Although November 24 is not the busiest shopping day in Canada, those freindly foreigners decided to direct their attention to American shopping patterns. Apparently this event is now being commemorated around the world in honor of American prosperity.

If you, my friends, are conflicted, and you want to shop, but then you want to be a good liberal, I recommend settling on a compromise. Buy Nothing at Berkeley. Why upset the locals?


November 23, 2006. Breedosaurus.

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