Maternity Shopping

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I went to see my parents for Thanksgiving. And, as you guess, I went maternity shopping with my mom on the Don’t Buy Berkeley Day.

Matrons at work advised me to save on maternity clothes and invest in breastfeeding-friendly outfits instead. It all made sense because, they said, I will only really need maternity the last three months, but breastfeeding will last longer. So they suggested wearing something lose 2nd trimester. Unfortunately, I don’t have very many lose-fitting outfits. I have some tops that can stretch a bit, but I still cherish some hope of wearing them again someday, so I don’t want to stretch them out. Perhaps I am that sucker who just wants to buy maternity.

For the most parts maternity clothes are not very imaginative. There are some gems, of course, but look at the price tag! As I found out earlier this year, an event called a wedding is more expensive than any other celebration of similar size and grandeur. Apparently, the same goes for maternity. A dress called maternity has a maternity premium attached to it. The biggest scam I discovered so far, though, is diaper bags. I think I’m going to go to Marshalls’s and buy myself a large bag with many pockets and call it a diaper bag.

When I was in my first trimester, I went to Gap Maternity. I had to search one out, btw, b/c, as it turns out, there is no maternity departments in most Gap stores. It was early fall, and I decided to think a half a year ahead, when my baby will be due and the weather will be hot. So I hit the sales rack and bought a $5 black tank top. The sales girl asked me if I want it gift-wrapped.

Not much in the way of maternity clothing appears to be available in large urban centers. Much is to be found on the internet, though. I gather, the retailers decided that maternity clothes are something that women will buy when they have to, not on impulse, so there is no point in merchandising the product on sales floor. But, I’m the kind of girl (ahem!) woman who likes to try on the clothes I’m about to buy.

I checked out non-maternity loose waist styles in various trendy stores. I was a bit uncertain about them because a) they look too hippy, and b) I don’t know where my waist and breast are going to be a half a year from now, so the non-stretchy styles don’t work. Nevertheless, I purchased a soft and stretchy cotton top on sale at Urban Outfitters for under $15. It’s several sizes larger then I am right now, so it will probably work out at the end of pregnancy/beginning of breastfeeding. I also got a really cool kimono shrug and a lose-fitting top at Anthropologie when they had the 40% off everything on sale sale. Both items look like they will allow me to bare my breasts easily and discreetly in order to nourish my newborn.

Finally this Friday morning my mom and me found ourselves at Target, where maternity items are the cheapest. I saw some of their styles online, and wanted to check out the fabric quality and the fit. We found one very nice short-sleeve shirt dress that can also work for breastfeeding, a descent gray sweater that requires a turtleneck and a ¾ sleeve top, which will come handy in the last trimester. Of course, most of the items advertised online are nowhere to be found in the downtown Sac store.

Our next stop – downtown Sac shopping center. I was convinced that they have A Pea in the Pod there, but the bastards closed down the store several months ago. Not knowing where else to go, we wandered into Macy’s. And – lo and behold! – There is a maternity section there. It was much more substantial than the one at Target, and more expensive as well. Nevertheless we found a bunch of sales items that were almost reasonable. I found a cute skirt that I wouldn’t mind having in my closet, pregnancy or no pregnancy. We bought two more sweaters, one — very basic black, and another –Christmas chic kimono – that would be fun to wear when we go visit my husband’s parents this December. I got sucked into buying very stylish and a deeply discounted bolero that’s really cool, but not specific for pregnant women. The most expensive item was a $48 turtleneck, which was not discounted, but since it will be very easy to mix into an outfit, I went ahead and bought it anyways.

All in all we spent about $250, and I’m not even half-done.  Not to mention that I still need some lingerie and yoga clothes. 


November 26, 2006. Breedosaurus.

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