Ugly Babies Rule!

15 years ago I collected a bunch of family pictures, mostly from my dad’s side, and put them together in an album. I found the album in my mom’s home and showed it to my husband this weekend. In it was a couple of pictures of little B. Rex that made me fear for the future of my baby. Boy was I ugly! There I was, as a little 3-year-old whose eyebrows had not even a hint of an arch, or a future arch, chinless, and with the fattest cheeks. I never had much baby fat on me, but, apparently, when I did, all of it went into my cheeks.  A hampster of sorts.

Then I remembered the stories of myself as a particularly grotesque newborn. Apparently, I came out with a huge unibrow that stuck out horizontally, and a hairy forehead. There was a period – from about 6 month to a year when I was, in fact, cute. But that’s because there is a law that says that every infant 6 months to a year has to be cute. My mother confirmed that I was not a particularly attractive baby. My sister, on the other hand, was a cutie-pie right from the start with her milky white skin, large brown eyes and curly head full of hair. Compare to her I was rather plain.  Thank you mom!  Now that I’m all grown up and mature, I can handle this kind of information.

My dear husband reassured me. Not to worry, he says, he was a cute baby and a cute kid.


November 26, 2006. Breedosaurus.

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