It’s an I have a feeling it’s a girl

Before I got pregnant I thought that ultrasounds are most useful for determining the sex of the baby. When I had my first ultrasound at what now appears to be 10 weeks I was too queasy to ask the doctor, and she didn’t volunteer the sex information. She probably couldn’t tell. Nevertheless, witness the picture here:

The baby looked like a little ghost with little stabs for arms and legs; it was gray against black background, with little white heart beating fast. It was rolling around the womb back and forth, wanting to play, no doubt. I went out I bout some rattles. Actually I might have braved the morning sickness and bought some toys before this appointment.

So my second ultrasound was this Friday. This time I brought my husband along. We liked the receptionist. She was a big black woman in hip glasses. She approved of the Biblical names are considering for the baby, and said that the Modern Hebrew names are too Bay Area. Her own kids had Biblical names. She recommended requesting epidural as soon as I get to the hospital because it will take the medical staff some time to request a specialist. She said that the personnel is really kind, and that Kaiser recently added a new wing with birthing facilities, and that it’s super nice.

She had a boy and a girl, and was expecting boys twice. First came a boy and second – a surprise. Second time around her baby was sitting crossleged during the ultrasound, with the umbilical cord going between them, so the doctors had no clue. She was prepared for a boy, and had a name picked out for him – Zachariah. Then came a girl, and two days later came receptionist’s mother and aunt and named the girl Mariah.

Although the receptionist was fun, I am convinced that she jinxed us because the ultrasound guy was unable to determine the sex. Baby’s legs were too close to each other and it was turned a bit weird. Ultrasound guy asked me to lean to my right and sit up, and tried to go in that way, but it didn’t work. He said that because he didn’t see the testicles, it might be a girl, but he can’t tell for sure because there is no clear view. “I have a feeling it’s a girl”, he said “But what’s more important is whether the baby is healthy.” He couldn’t tell us if it’s healthy because of the legal ramifications, of course. He sent the pictures off to the doctor, and said that the doctor will call me soon. If she doesn’t call me Monday, it’s a good sign. If she calls me Monday, it simply might mean that she wants me to go back to get more shots – that’s it.

He did measure the baby and moved up my due day to May 9, which happened to coinside with the Russian Victory Day.

We took home a bunch of pictures. My baby is promising to be an intellectual. Witness the evidence:


December 22, 2006. Breedosaurus.

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