My Fetus Is Over the Hill — How’s My Body?

Every day I wake up and look down at my belly, and every day it gets bigger.  It’s a trip!

My new brother-in-law laughed and said, just wait till you are nine months pregnant; your belly will be half way to your knees.

My new sister-in-law said not to worry, once I start breastfeeding the weight will fall off.  Every day I will wake up, look at myself and watch myself getting smaller.

Who’s worried?  I know it’s not bloat and fat in my belly, it’s a baby.

My breasts are much larger now, by the way.  I glanced at the mirror the other morning, I look like a lingerie model now — or at least several weeks ago I did; especially with my hair down and a little wavy.   Speaking of which, for the past couple of months my hair refuses to fall off!  It’s longer and thinker — thank you progesterone!

And about the weight gain — I stopped worrying about it when I read what it consists of.  Most of it is the baby or baby-related.  Nobody is supposed to gain more then ten pounds of fat, and apparently some esteemed medical professionals worry about young mothers loosing their pregnancy weight too fast thus not producing enough milk.  Unfortunately though, not every mom loses weight while breastfeeding…


December 29, 2006. Breedosaurus.

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