Solstice and All

Now that the winter holidays are almost over, time has come to discuss solstice and people who celebrate it.  My pre-motherhood bitchy self hates them.  You know, the people who are oh-so-enlightened, they inform you that Christmas and Hanukkah are all about solstice, and because they are well informed and understand that and are all around wonderful individuals who are so much smarter and better then you, they celebrate solstice.

Guess what Geekorama, we all know that the holidays listed above happen when days are short and nights are long.  For us it’s not about the amount of sunshine, it’s about culture, heritage, history, religion – all these things that make life worth living.  Maccabees are cool and classic Christmas songs may fill your heart with joy.

But people who celebrate solstice (sorry, Solstice) are reduced to living in a deconstructed universe without lasting tradition or meaningful communal bonds.  They are not smart, they are shallow and undereducated, just the kind of people our higher education is, sadly, designed to produce.


December 31, 2006. Random thoughts.

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