Waiting and Waiting and Waiting Some More

I suppose I’m having a pretty average pregnancy.  Perhaps I’m doing somewhat better then most women my age.  So far…

I was queasy for a while, and then I had a surge of energy, and now I’m getting a bit tiered and by belly gets in a way.  But all in all I’m doing fine.  We would like to have two more kids, but we will see how it’s going.  This means that I might be getting pregnant twice more. 

So far the most difficult aspect of my pregnancy is passing the time.  I can’t believe I’m more then half done — as a matter of fact I’m half + a month done….  I almost wish for a difficult pregnancy; then I’d have something to overcome.


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What My Body Likes

Some women are gorgeous when pregnant.  I guess I’m not one of them.  My best feature has (had) always been my waist.  I used to wear A-line skirts, and I loved them.  I rarely wore pants because I’m not gifted with long legs, and pants further reduce legs visually.

I shed my hells a while ago.  I own a maternity A-line skirt, but it only makes me look bigger.  I bought a pair of black denim at Old Navy tonight. They are OK for pregnancy purposes.  I look pregnant, not fat when I wear them.  But my upper body is now big and round overwhelming my legs.

I am officially at week 24 today, so I have 16 more weeks of getting bigger.  Plus, as I now hear, first baby is usually late, so I might be looking at another week (Kaiser induces everyone after 41 weeks).

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What My Baby Likes

She likes water, especially the bottled Safeway water.  I drink a bit, and she wakes up.  Before I know it, my stomach starts dancing.  She doesn’t like LA water.  When we visited my in-laws in LA she disappeared for a while.

She also likes grapefruit.  The other day I had a whole grapefruit, and she became quite agile, my little hooligan.   So I though I might want to give tangerines a try.  But no, she wasn’t that impressed.  I prefer tangerines though because I’m craving sweets, and tangerines are a valid substitute.

Unfortunately I am finding out that my active kicker is also a late owl.  And an early bird.  I’d be lying there in bed trying to fall asleep, when she lets her presence known with her little knocks.  In coming weeks she is expected to multiply her efforts to keep her mommy awake.

Mommy? In reference to me?  Uh-oh!

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Dolled up and Swaddled

I was on MUNI the other day passing by the Duboice Park in San Francisco when a woman rolled what appeared to be her newborn grandchild in a stroller.  The day was cold, and the child was dressed in layers; so many layers that his arms and legs were sticking out.  Poor thing. 

That reminded me of Russia.  They used to dress me up in so many layers, I couldn’t move.  Gosh, I hated going out during the winter!  And I felt liberated when I returned home. 

It wasn’t just about the layers.  My diva grandmother had to dress me up in the most stylish and exotic garb.  For instance, when I was four she bought me this prestigious bear fur winter coat.  The fur was shiny brown.  The coat was the heaviest coat in proportion to my weight I ever wore.  The girls from ordinary families had cheep pink faux fur coats.  Now that I think back, their coats were not just cheaply made, but very common.  Back then the run-of-the-mill’ness of the coats only added to the attractiveness.  I envied the common girls, and I felt like a freak.  The second is ever justified.

To go back to the issue of over-coating.  Russians swaddle (or used to swaddle) like there is no tomorrow.  Baby was completely restricted, like a log.  Baby couldn’t move.  My mom said that once I was unswaddled, I’d waive my arms and legs in the air: Freedom!   

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Permanent or Temporary?

My sister-in-law in Chicago said that the superior sense of smell she developed through her pregnancies stayed on after she had her babies.  If mine stays, I my wine testing adventures will definitely benefit.  However, commuting will be a drug.  I can now smell a homeless person on San Francisco MUNI in the next car.  Very uncomfortable…

Another pregnancy detail I want to disappear is sweats.  I used to rarely sweat, and now I sweat quite a bit.  I feel pretty gross, and I don’t want to remain a person pregnant women run away from.

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I am the second and the youngest of two.  I grew up with hand-me-down.  I remember watching my sister put on her American dresses and blue jeans thinking that one day it will all be mine.  Our American relatives sent us packages with American clothes, so we were the hippest family on the block.  Except for another family that also had relatives in the U.S.  They were equally as hip.

We went to LA for Christmas to see my husband’s family.  My sister-in-law from San Diego brought in a bunch of hand-me-downs for us.  Her youngest is now five, but she was holding out the hope that her husband will agree to another (third) child, so she stored bassinette, crib, a bunch of fancy pillows and bassinette bedding in her garage.  Now that it seems like her husband will never agree to third child, she is giving it all to us.  G-d bless her!

BTW, several months ago who knew what a bassinette is?

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Third Trimester Looming

I was hopping that perhaps I will maintain a healthy energy level though entire pregnancy, and I’m still holding out the hope that I might feel better then the most.  But I am already seeing the signs of upcoming discomforts.

So far I dealt with problems as they came.  I read on webmd that I might get headaches, and what do you know, I got a headache the next day.  So I stopped reading webmd.  I got a little bit of nosebleeds, but that was OK because I knew that nosebleeds are normal.  So long that I know that I’m not having a miscarriage I’m OK with nosebleeds.  I was also a tiny bit congested, but that’s a very, very minor problem.

Then all of a sudden I got muscle cramps — apparently I wasn’t getting enough calcium.  I thought I did… I reread the labels on dairy products and pre-natal vitamins, and increased my intake of calcium.  I am now OK.

There was also this infamous fall.  My Israeli girlfriend said that I fell because I’m skinny and that skinny women have more balancing problems.  I believe her.

Well, now I am having a different kind of symptoms.  First, I think I have too much blood now.  Maybe I should donate some…  Anyhow, if I sit for a long time my limbs get numb.  So I set my timer to go off every two hours.  Then I get up and walk around the block to get my blood flowing.  For now it’s working.  But I can see the blood issue becoming more and more of a problem in the coming months.

Then there is the issue of general fatigue.  I get a bit sleepy on public transportation.  Because I have a long commute, I am mighty tired by the time I get to work.  I try to walk a bit.  Yesterday I went for an hour plus long walk with my husband, and the walk left me completely exhausted.

My stomach is not only growing, it’s hard and it feels like it’s stretching.  I can’t bend my back in certain ways because of this hard mass in the middle of my torso.

Still, my daughter’s active kicks remain a novelty sufficient enough to want to stay pregnant for another four months.  Almost four months.

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Babies, More Babies

Last week we our friends invited us for dinner.  This couple had a baby three months ago.  The baby is totally adorable, and pretty well behaved.  They said she was going through growing pains, but the girl seemed reasonably quiet.  If that’s what it’s like to have a baby, we can do it.

This couple by the way wants four kids.  I think four is a bit too much for us.  I definitely don’t want an only child, and I think two is sufficiently difficult.  Three, however, might not be too much of a transition from two because three will probably require less mediating.  Three will balance out their problems themselves.  Financially I doubt three will be much more of a burden unless we put them in private schools which we are not planning on doing right now.  We will buy everything in bulk, and hand-me-downs are free.  They can get away with the same two bedrooms we would allocate to them otherwise.  I will be taking salary cuts, however, because it all means that I will stay at my low paying job for an extra two or three years. 

Getting pregnant extra time might be a drug, but I’m not feeling too shabby right now…

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A Note to the Almighty

Since my sister is going to Israel, my plan was to give her a note to put into the Wailing Wall.  It says:

“Dear G-d, I want an adorable and healthy baby, not too large, so it comes out easy, but that grows up into a tall adult.  I also want it to be a gorgeous adult, and still healthy as an adult.  And if this is not too much to ask for, I don’t want my belly button to pop out.”

As it turns out, my sister is en rout to Israel right now.  I thought she has another week or two here…  Oh well, maybe the omnipresent can hear my wishes from this blog and make my dreams come true…

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The New Catholics

Rom now on I am officially a pregnant individual.  Last week a middle aged black lady gave up her sit for me on public transportation.  It’s always middle aged black ladies who do it.  For instance, this Wednesday I stopped by at Ross to buy crib bedding with circus animals.  It has a seal balancing on a giant ball and lion jumping through a ring of fire like a Palestinian child and a bunch of other exotica worthy of my bourgeoning offspring.  With price tag of $59.99 for 6 items you can’t go wrong!

The bag wasn’t heavy, but kind of big, so the register associate said that she doesn’t have a store bags sufficiently large to pack it.  I had to carry my purchase down the street in manufacture’s bag.  And what do you know?  A middle aged black lady held the door for me!  Middle aged black ladies who drive the bus smile at me.  They are so maternal.  My husband thinks they are basically the new Catholics.

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