Women I Hate

You know how mentioned a while ago that I fell?  Well, I now wear flats.  Me, the queen of pointy toes?  Actually, there is another reason I should be wearing flats: I have somewhat flat feet.  My mom read somewhere that pregnant women with flat feet need to watch out as they put on more and more weight because their arches might drop.  So high heels and pointy toes are out of the question. 

Just for the hell of it, I asked my OBGyn about it.  My OBGyn, a very friendly young lady completed her residency several months ago.  She said that nobody ever asked her that question before.  Comforting!

I think I’ll stick with her nevertheless.  She’s very conveniently located within five minutes from my house, and I don’t plan on any complications.  She’ll be there to monitor my test results, which, I’m sure, she will do.  If something will go wrong, I will ask for second opinion. (On separate note, I am feeling my baby move inside of me right now!!!  She’s agreeing!)  Most importantly, my Kaiser, my HMO, rotates physicians in delivery rooms, so I have no control of who will be delivering my baby, possibly performing a major surgery.  So why look for anyone else?

So, I don’t hate my OBGyn.  I do hate, however, women who wear heels well into their 3rd trimester.  I hate every single one of them.  When one of my matronly co-workers told me that she knows several young women, her daughter included, who fell because they wore heels, my heart was overflowing with joy.  It’s my dirty little secret.


January 4, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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