When Is My Baby Due, Condt.

My husband has his band practice last night. When he returned, he went on about how driving back he was thinking about how exciting it will be to have a baby, and that he just can’t wait.

So naturally, when I learned that the due date is moved back to May 15, I thought he would be disappointed. He is asleep right now; today is his day off, so I am yet to break the news. He might actually be relieved.

Several years ago when we were discussing babies I said that perhaps it’s a good idea for him to go on tour every once and a while when babies are little. What was I thinking? I was thinking that women can handle babies, and that perhaps my mom can temporarily move in with me. Isn’t it nice of me to volunteer her services like that?

He said that he’d call me on it. Now, however, I am chickening out. I do still think that it would be good for him to go on tour one last time in observable future, and to do so before the baby is born. So he started planning a European tour several months ago. His old band did well in the U.S., but his new band wound up stuck in Gothic ghetto for some reason. This kind of music does much better on the Old Continent. The bottom line: I really wanted him to go on tour this time, because he deserves it, his music deserves it, and he shouldn’t forget to live his life.

Anyhow, winters in Europe are fairly cold, and March is pretty nasty as well. So he started booking for late March-early April with my due date as May 15 in mind. Because of certain logistics the tour further moved to March 29-April 16. Then ultrasound stenographer said that based on size my baby is due May 9. My husband started to get nervous. A number of people I am not about to name started gossiping about him not being a good husband and father, etc.

So perhaps he will be relieved about this big (as in large from top of her head to her tiny toes) baby news.

And you know what, he will be an excellent father. He is fun, when he decides to apply himself to entertaining his nieces and nephew; they think that he’s the best thing ever. And then his kids will be a little afraid of him as well because he can look fumingly upset. Love and fear, if we are to trust Machiavelli is a good combo for the purpose of discipline. Moreover, he, my husband, is not too proud to change the diapers.


January 5, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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