When Is My Baby Due?

Today’s pre-natal appointment was a bundle of confusion. The doctor said that she is not moving my due date because the difference between ultrasound measurements gave less then ten day’s difference. Also, according to her measurements the top of my uterus was where it’s supposed to be at 21, not 22 weeks. So we have to wait for the baby for an extra week. What’s even more worrisome, she is predicting a large baby.

I already had this large baby discussion with several people. I was a 3.75-kilo baby. Friends I mentioned in this post said that it’s about 9 pounds. Next day I did kilo-to-pounds conversion and came up with 8.25 pounds, which is average. BUT! I was a 3.75 baby in the Soviet Union, and person with my genes living in the Free World may have a larger offspring. The three breeding siblings of my husband on the other hand had small babies. He of course doesn’t know how large he was.

On the positive side, my pre-natal screening results were all good. My chance of having a Down syndrome baby is lower then one in 420, or normal. My chance of having a Trisomy bay is lower then 1 in 10,000, and this sounds especially soothing.

Another good news – it looks like I will get four, not two weeks off before baby is born.


January 5, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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