Babies, More Babies

Last week we our friends invited us for dinner.  This couple had a baby three months ago.  The baby is totally adorable, and pretty well behaved.  They said she was going through growing pains, but the girl seemed reasonably quiet.  If that’s what it’s like to have a baby, we can do it.

This couple by the way wants four kids.  I think four is a bit too much for us.  I definitely don’t want an only child, and I think two is sufficiently difficult.  Three, however, might not be too much of a transition from two because three will probably require less mediating.  Three will balance out their problems themselves.  Financially I doubt three will be much more of a burden unless we put them in private schools which we are not planning on doing right now.  We will buy everything in bulk, and hand-me-downs are free.  They can get away with the same two bedrooms we would allocate to them otherwise.  I will be taking salary cuts, however, because it all means that I will stay at my low paying job for an extra two or three years. 

Getting pregnant extra time might be a drug, but I’m not feeling too shabby right now…


January 21, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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