The New Catholics

Rom now on I am officially a pregnant individual.  Last week a middle aged black lady gave up her sit for me on public transportation.  It’s always middle aged black ladies who do it.  For instance, this Wednesday I stopped by at Ross to buy crib bedding with circus animals.  It has a seal balancing on a giant ball and lion jumping through a ring of fire like a Palestinian child and a bunch of other exotica worthy of my bourgeoning offspring.  With price tag of $59.99 for 6 items you can’t go wrong!

The bag wasn’t heavy, but kind of big, so the register associate said that she doesn’t have a store bags sufficiently large to pack it.  I had to carry my purchase down the street in manufacture’s bag.  And what do you know?  A middle aged black lady held the door for me!  Middle aged black ladies who drive the bus smile at me.  They are so maternal.  My husband thinks they are basically the new Catholics.


January 21, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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