Third Trimester Looming

I was hopping that perhaps I will maintain a healthy energy level though entire pregnancy, and I’m still holding out the hope that I might feel better then the most.  But I am already seeing the signs of upcoming discomforts.

So far I dealt with problems as they came.  I read on webmd that I might get headaches, and what do you know, I got a headache the next day.  So I stopped reading webmd.  I got a little bit of nosebleeds, but that was OK because I knew that nosebleeds are normal.  So long that I know that I’m not having a miscarriage I’m OK with nosebleeds.  I was also a tiny bit congested, but that’s a very, very minor problem.

Then all of a sudden I got muscle cramps — apparently I wasn’t getting enough calcium.  I thought I did… I reread the labels on dairy products and pre-natal vitamins, and increased my intake of calcium.  I am now OK.

There was also this infamous fall.  My Israeli girlfriend said that I fell because I’m skinny and that skinny women have more balancing problems.  I believe her.

Well, now I am having a different kind of symptoms.  First, I think I have too much blood now.  Maybe I should donate some…  Anyhow, if I sit for a long time my limbs get numb.  So I set my timer to go off every two hours.  Then I get up and walk around the block to get my blood flowing.  For now it’s working.  But I can see the blood issue becoming more and more of a problem in the coming months.

Then there is the issue of general fatigue.  I get a bit sleepy on public transportation.  Because I have a long commute, I am mighty tired by the time I get to work.  I try to walk a bit.  Yesterday I went for an hour plus long walk with my husband, and the walk left me completely exhausted.

My stomach is not only growing, it’s hard and it feels like it’s stretching.  I can’t bend my back in certain ways because of this hard mass in the middle of my torso.

Still, my daughter’s active kicks remain a novelty sufficient enough to want to stay pregnant for another four months.  Almost four months.


January 21, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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