Waiting and Waiting and Waiting Some More

I suppose I’m having a pretty average pregnancy.  Perhaps I’m doing somewhat better then most women my age.  So far…

I was queasy for a while, and then I had a surge of energy, and now I’m getting a bit tiered and by belly gets in a way.  But all in all I’m doing fine.  We would like to have two more kids, but we will see how it’s going.  This means that I might be getting pregnant twice more. 

So far the most difficult aspect of my pregnancy is passing the time.  I can’t believe I’m more then half done — as a matter of fact I’m half + a month done….  I almost wish for a difficult pregnancy; then I’d have something to overcome.


January 24, 2007. Breedosaurus.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    Off topic: Did you know Dennis Kucinich’s wife is 4 feet taller than he is?:


  2. B. REX replied:

    I thought only aging tycoons have trophy wives… Oh well, there goes another stereotype!
    …I can’t imagine him ever getting nominated with a wife like this one. Then again, I can’t imagine him ever getting nominated, period.

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