What My Baby Likes

She likes water, especially the bottled Safeway water.  I drink a bit, and she wakes up.  Before I know it, my stomach starts dancing.  She doesn’t like LA water.  When we visited my in-laws in LA she disappeared for a while.

She also likes grapefruit.  The other day I had a whole grapefruit, and she became quite agile, my little hooligan.   So I though I might want to give tangerines a try.  But no, she wasn’t that impressed.  I prefer tangerines though because I’m craving sweets, and tangerines are a valid substitute.

Unfortunately I am finding out that my active kicker is also a late owl.  And an early bird.  I’d be lying there in bed trying to fall asleep, when she lets her presence known with her little knocks.  In coming weeks she is expected to multiply her efforts to keep her mommy awake.

Mommy? In reference to me?  Uh-oh!


January 24, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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