Cramps: Menstrual v. the Other Kind

I can’t wait till I can eat sushi again. Blue cheese looks more and more appetizing every day. One thing I do not miss about being pregnant is menstrual cramps. I used to get them pretty bad, too. My mother and some matrons I’ve met promised that they will go away completely once I birth a baby. On the other hand, one of my now menopausal co-workers said that she got them before she got pregnant, after her first baby, after her second baby, and she still gets them now. That’s unfair!

We’ll see if I have a better luck. What I am getting now are the muscle cramps. After I first got them I increased my intake of calcium. I took a second look at the vitamin bottle and found that I’m not getting much additional calcium. Some of my calcium came in form of yogurt which was also rich in phosphorus. Apparently phosphorus depletes body of calcium. I bought separate calcium pills and started eating more milk products. For a half a month now I thought I was cured. Then I decided to stretch this morning, and got my muscle cramps again. My husband heard me…

If nothing else, muscle cramps are a good way to wake up. I try to stay positive, you see.


February 3, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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