Dr. Spock

Skip the first chapter of his book; it’s mostly his random thoughts, such as please don’t feel bad for having a career, trust your instincts, and be nice to yourself. Re the latest Dr. Spock thought, I actually found it interesting to read him “as a text”. One of the suggestions he gives to young mothers who feel that the baby is taking over their lives is to buy a new dress. All right then — Dr. Spock endorses retail therapy!

Starting at Chapter 2 he gets into practical advise. However, it’s the same kind of practical advice that I feel I’m going to get when in infant care and breastfeeding classes. There are also infant care videos available online. In short, I’m finding out that much of the information out there is virtually identical. Two books on infant care will not make an expectant mother twice as knowledgeable; it’s just more read. So it’s probably good to have Dr. Spock lying around somewhere just in case. Other then that I’ll follow his advise re remaining myself and go back to reading history books.


February 3, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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