Party in My Belly

I like visiting my doctor.  She just finished up her residency, so she doesn’t know much.  It’s not really a problem because I’m not planning on any complications.  If something does go wrong, I can ask for a second opinion.  What I like about her is how positive she is.  “The heart sounds great!”  “She is so active!”  She made my day yesterday.

My daughter is very active, mind you, and it’s a trip when my stomach changes shapes.  A couple of days ago I was sitting on MUNI and reading Dr. Spoke.  I unbuttoned my coat; because it was a lose-fitting coat I bought last year, already thinking that it might come handy during a future pregnancy.  What I didn’t know is that I’m going to get bustier, much bustier, and that a coat that fits lose at the waist but tight around the chest won’t work.  So anyhow, I unbuttoned my coat and started reading the childcare classic.  All of a sudden I see the whole side of the coat jumping up and down.  The coat was barely even touching me, but the one place where it was touching was the one place where my daughter decided to kick.  If anyone was watching, they probably thought that this was nothing short of magic.

Another new development in our life is that it appears that she started to recognize her daddy’s voice.  She was relatively subdued all day Thursday, but then I met my husband on the bus back.  We sat together and started to talk.  Immediately my belly started to move around.

At first I wasn’t sure if this was a coincidence or what.  But then I went to my doctor’s appointment, and the nurse gave me a Kaiser pregnancy handout for the month.  In it they have their little non-judgmentally sounding “Partner’s Corner” section where they discuss partners’ issues.  This month’s issue was talking to the unborn.  They confirmed that yes, babies recognize partners’ voices and start kicking.   So there I was sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting for the doctor and reading the stupid newsletter, when tears came to my eyes.  Then the doctor walked in and asked me if something wrong and if I have a cold.  Gosh, I’ve been such a sap lately!  I said that no, I don’t have a cold, but I’ve been stuffy since I got pregnant.

She’s a fun girl, my daughter. 


February 3, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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