The Unraveling

I was so naïve before I got pregnant, I didn’t know that my belly button might pop out.  Since I found out that it might, I’ve been hopping and praying that it doesn’t.  I’m on week 25, and it still in.  My mom says that hers didn’t.  Hers got swollen each time she got pregnant, and then got back to its normal shape. 

A matron at work said that hers didn’t pop out either.  She speculated that it’s because she got strong abdominal muscles.  I think I do too.  I took dance for several years.  True, that was a decade ago, but I was really good at sucking my stomach in since.

Then I saw a picture of a very pregnant lady, and her belly button wasn’t popped out per se.  It was flat.  It was flat with brownish lines marking what in the past were probably folds.  And since then I am thinking that my belly button is unraveling.  I already have an areola of sorts around it – pinkish-brownish lines extending a couple of millimeters.    A week or two ago I looked inside of my belly button, and saw a brown moll on the inside of the right wall.  This morning I’m noticing another moll, on the bottom wall showing up.  Is my belly button becoming unraveled?  What will happen to it if it survives this pregnancy?  Will it come undone my second pregnancy?  Questions, questions, questions…


February 3, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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