Being Straight

I have to mention something about my husband’s co-worker from whom we are borrowing the baby product-buying book.  He’s gay, and he and his partner wanted to have a child that would be their child.  The two of them.  So the idea was to get the sperm from one of them, harvest an egg from a female relative of another, fertilize the egg and put it in a second woman.  Needless to say something like that would coast a fortune.  Needless to say so many things can go wrong with that plan that it eventually fell through. 

Me and my husband on the other hand – we just had sex.  And now we are borrowing their baby books.

So on one hand, there is no country in this world that’s completely free of homophobia.  On the other – things are just simpler when you are straight and no amount of legislature or public service announcements will ever fix it.


February 17, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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