Shopaholic Little Me

Now that I’m pregnant I have two new excuses to go shopping. One is myself, because I need pregnancy clothes. I wrote about it before, and I did go shopping since. I made several mistakes, and returned some of the clothes as well. I am now an expert maternity shopper. The best places to shop are the Old Navy, Old Navy online and Gap.

Used clothing is available at some local stores like Lauren’s Closet in Alameda, but I had absolutely zero luck there. Style-wise they are as much as 10 years behind. They probably get the clothes women wore through their two pregnancies, and then found on the bottom of their closets and decided to sell. There are some recent styles there as well, but these will go fast. Finding the right size is a problem.

Old Navy and Gap can be quite cheap especially their sales rack. They are basic enough and contemporary enough as well. In short, you can get current easy to wear styles at a fairly affordable price. And you should treat yourself.

Another reason to shop is the baby. Here the most adorable used clothing is in abundance. Some of that used staff at Lauren’s Closet comes with the original tags still attached – new parents got too many presents, I gather. Or shopped for a wrong sex baby. However, there is no need to buy used because the Old Navy, Marshall’s and even Ross carry a whole bunch of new merchandise, all cheaper then cheap. For a couple of bucks you can get a styling outfit on sales rack at the Old Navy. Gap is a little more expensive, but still very affordable. My mom had to plea with me to quit shopping because she wants to buy some baby items as well.

So I think we will switch to serious shopping – baby carriers, strollers, travel systems, etc. My husband borrowed a Consumer Report baby product-buying book from his co-worker. We now need to study it carefully, and hurry up and buy the necessities.


February 17, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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