My Baby Can Hear!

She can get frightened, too!  I long ago suspected that my baby is not deaf.  She reacted to my husband voice, for instance.  Long ago when we were driving back from LA she reacted to Saint-Séance’s Swan.  BUT all of these hearing instances were a bit too sappy for my tastes.  I am the kind of girl who mistrusts sentimentality. 

We went to Barnes and Noble the other day to cash in my husband’s gift certificate.  Gift certificates are really big now that they can be purchased at grocery stores.  He got a whole bunch of them for his Birthday.  The main problem with them is that stores like Barnes and Noble are more expensive then the Amazon and the selection they offer is not quite as good.  So we had problems cashing them in.  I saw a book there about teaching your hearing kid the sign language.  I read elsewhere that it’s a good idea to teach your kid to sign because it can understand language much earlier then it has the ability to control it’s vocal cords and it gets frustrated if it can’t express itself.

Anyhow just seeing that book made me think about my baby’s hearing abilities.  Gosh, I will be an awful mom!

Thankfully right after our largely futile Barnes and Noble excursion we went to Trader Joe’s.  I was standing in line a few steps away from a register when the cashier rang one of their huge bells that they ring when they need assistance.  My baby who was sleeping peacefully in her own little (not that little, really) uterus awoke and shook so hard that my whole stomach went up and down.  Then she went back to sleep.

Now I know she can hear.


February 19, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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