A Tour of Downtown Bathrooms

My morning Transbay ride takes about a half an hour.  The Transbay bus takes me downtown and drops me off at the ever-odorous Greyhound station.  Then I walk a couple of blocks to the MUNI station, and ride the MUNI for another 45 minutes.

During the walk to MUNI I need to estimate the fullness of my bladder, and the necessity to use the bathroom.

I refuse to use Greyhound bathrooms.  They are disgusting, and the people using them are disgusting.  There is a bathroom in Noa’s Bagels, and since I patronize their establishment from time to time, it feels right to use it.  However, Noa’s are busy in the morning, and their bathroom is frequently occupied.  So the thing to do is to go across the street to Baja Fresh, who have no customers at this hour and keep their facilities clean.  I figured that being Hispanic they are also baby-friendly and are understanding of a pregnant lady’s situation.

If I misjudge my needs or the baby is too active and MUNI is delayed I may need to leave the MUNI station to visit a nearby bathroom.  I have been using the one at the Hyatt.  It’s very close, although not en rout to my Transbay, very clean, and even almost styling. 


February 24, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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