Several months ago, ahead of time actually, I got by kick count card from my OBGyn.  I started filling it out this Monday.

I was so proud of my active kicker and so looking forward to filling it out!  And then sometime last week the baby turned around.  So I counted my kicks on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday was OK, Tuesday – somewhat disappointing.  I wasn’t sure about some of her movements.  Then came Wednesday.  As instructed, I had dinner and tried to relax.  Because I was behind on the gallons of water I’m supposed to consume every day, I had two pints with the diner. As a consequence, I had to run to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  Then my mom called and asked for granddaughter stories.  In short, the whole relaxing thing didn’t worked out as planned.  I felt some moves, but it took me a while, 50 minutes to be exact, to count 10.  I was not happy.  I was actually worried that there is something wrong with my baby.  Why is she less active?  Did she do her twists and turns a little too diligently?  So that she got entangled in the umbilical cord?  Perhaps even hanged herself? 

My husband spent the evening at his band practice, and when he returned said, but you said that babies become less active at about this time!

I went to bed with an uneasy feeling.  When I woke up early in the morning, I began to consider going to the hospital when my husband wakes up.  I was lying in bed and faulting myself for being a bad mom, and not rushing to the hospital as soon as my husband returned.  And then my daughter woke up, and woke up with the vengeance.

I did something different both Thursday and Friday.  Because my daughter was lively all day, and because my mom wanted to hear about her explorations of my uterus, and because I actually wanted to relax, and wanted to go out for a nice dinner, I just marked my kick counting card.  I know she kicked, so why wait for her to kick some more?


February 24, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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