With all the discomforts of pregnancy to choose from, I have to say that intensified sensitivity to smells is among the most annoying.  MUNI rides are getting to be a disaster.  Half the time there is a homeless person onboard, and this homeless person often stinks of urine or whatever else the homeless feel like stinking, that includes the special homeless cleaning solution.  The cleaning solution is the least offensive being the least intrusive.  I can smell the homeless from another end of the car. 

I now notice that old people emit a particular old person stench, and so I try to sit a seat away from them.  It helps, for now.

Then there is a blond [Eastern] European guy on the Transbay bus.  People on the Transbay bus are clean, but some, like that blond guy, use cologne, which is incredibly obnoxious.  Don’t they know that there might be a pregnant girl aboard?  On the other hand, my husband said that he couldn’t smell any cologne.  We also have some perfumed FOB clients at work stopping by to see their social workers.  I can smell them on another floor.

I recently discovered that some men carry a certain laundry odor on them.  Maybe they get their shirts done for c.99, maybe they use a cheap detergent.  I think it’s the former.

My sister-in-law in Chicago said that she kept a part of her extra-keen smell sensations once she had her kids.  I used to think that my newly found olfactory perceptions would be great for wine testing later on, but now I’m forced to consider a number of drawbacks…


February 24, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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