To Pee or not to Pee

She’s getting heavy.  Now that I’m in the third trimester she’s gaining a half a pound every week, and she’s growing too.  Her head is now humongous.  I can feel her other body parts – legs, arms, torso.  I can feel her heads and feet too, but these are still small.

From time to time she goes at my bladder.  Actually, she kind of sits on it continuously.  So I feel like going to the bathroom continuously, more or less.  Usually I don’t really need to go.  So I kind of need to use my brain and think about how much I had to drink.  But I do go a lot, just in case.  It’s all getting to be very time-consuming.

The most uncomfortable is when she decides to go at my bladder.  Then I feel a deep urge to pee, but only for a second or two, or until she kicks me again.

She kept me awake from 6 to 9 am this morning banging on my bladder.  At 9 I gave up and so now I’m sitting here and typing my baby notes.

I ca only imagine my tribulations in the coming two and a half months.


February 24, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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