Miscellaneous Anxieties

Our household is implanting itself firmly in the middle class. First, we bought a house in a nice suburban town. Second, we got married. Third, I got pregnant. Time-line wise the third event might have taken place before the second; it’s hard to tell. Fourth, we bought a subscription to Consumer Report online.

With all these baby products out there we were a bit confused as to what to buy. Then my husband’s co-worker gave us a slightly outdated Consumer Report Guide to Buying Baby Products. We started reading it, and figured that we need to know about the latest car seat and stroller models. My husband suggested that if we will be buying a car – and we will — we would need Consumer Report anyways, so he went ahead and subscribed us.

Our goal was to buy a car seat within weeks so that my husband can install it before he takes off. So we went online and found that infant car seats ratings were taken down awaiting further testing. With a little research my husband found that Consumer Report tested them at 70 mph, not 38, as the government and the manufacturers do. So they had to take their results down.

Now our primary focus is a stroller.

Getting back to the middle class theme, we are also planning on getting a Costco membership. We went to the nearest Costco store, which turned out to be 7 minutes away from us, to check it out and to see what they have for strollers and car seats. They only had one stroller; it was black with a black cover that had a mesh plastic window in it. It looked like an Afghan woman in a burka. We can’t have our daughter starting her life like that!


February 25, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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