Peculiar Sensitivities of the Unborn Babies

I couple of days ago I had a confirmation that my baby is a hearing baby. 

Two days ago we had thunder.  The thunder was somewhere far away; I could barely hear it, so I assume my baby couldn’t hear it at all.  And yet she jumped up when it happened.

She’s really cool and animalistic at this stage.  I think it’s awesome that she can somehow feel this natural phenomenon.  Of course, it could also have been a coincidence.  She was doing her little exercise routine when it all happened.  However, her usual routine does not include jumps like that one.  And believe me, I know her exercise routine!

I’m starting to understand certain things about it.  For instance periods of unusual activity after I roll from my left side to my right side trying to fall asleep is probably due to her trying to readjust.  She’s probably trying to hop up and find a good angle so that she won’t be standing up on her toes.  Poor thing, she is also uncomfortable!  It helps to know that I’m not the only one…  Well, a couple of months, and she will be out.  It’s getting pretty tight in there in my womb.

BTW, I think her regular position is diagonal, head down.  So when I lie down, she gets to be propped up, and I think she doesn’t like it…

I was relaying her concerns to my husband: “Can you imagine being stuck in a belly of some giant and being thrown from side to side whenever –“

“Yeah,” — he said – “and the giant feeds you and keeps you warm and happy.”

My husband has idealized idea about the life in the womb, you see.


March 1, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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