Nature’s Child Misses a Natural Phenomenon

It came as a bit of a disappointment for my husband, I guess. 

We had a 4.2 earthquake today.  Not too big of an earthquake, but perhaps it was close to the surface because it felt pretty big.  My husband was en route to his band practice when it happened. He called me right away, and I told him that the baby is OK and seems to be sound asleep.  I guess I’m a little disappointed too.

In addition I am a little disturbed by my own reaction to the quake.  Before I felt it, I heard it.  “Oh, here it comes, — I thought.”  I was laying on the couch and doing my black belt sudoku.  Then I felt the tremor.  I didn’t feel like getting my 20 pounds of stomach off and into the doorway, so I didn’t move.  Then I felt another, smaller tremor and finally got up and got myself in the doorway.  I stood there for a half a minute.  Nothing happened, so I went back to the couch.  At this point my husband called to check in on us.


March 2, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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