Sibling Rivalry, Revisited

My sister is six years older, and as we were growing up she certainly enjoyed the advantage of the wisdom of her old age as well as her had-earned physical superiority.  She also managed convince me that I ruin everything that finds its way into my hands.  So I developed this clumsiness-inferiority complex.  It apparently happened entirely behind my mother’s back because my mom claims that she never heard my sister nagging on me.

Anyways, I thought I had successfully dealt with this complex, evolving into crafty young women.  I appear to have relapsed within a week.

My stomach had grown so much and is in a way so often, I can’t bend over and I can’t reach out.  No matter what I do, I seem to need to reach around my abdomen.  I’ve grown incredibly clumsy.  Yesterday I was eating a hard-earned piece of chocolate stuffed with some sort of a jelly.  I normally don’t like frou-frou chocolates, I go for dark chocolate with nuts, but this piece was Godiva, so it was all right.  Anyhow, I managed to spill the jelly right on my skirt. 

In other news, I trimmed my toenails for the last time before childbirth last week.  My mom will do them when she comes to stay with me early April.  After that the honor will likely fall on my only husband.


March 2, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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