For a Well-Traveled Baby

My husband says that the baby doesn’t even know how lucky she is.  Yesterday after much research and deliberation we finally bought travel system (a stroller with an attachable car seat).  It was the brand and the model we wanted.  Unfortunately it looks kind of ugly – black and sporty blue-purple, but that’s not what’s most important in a travel system.  We’ll deal.  We’ll decorate or something.

So my husband says that the baby is so lucky.  She’s not even born yet, but she already has that nice travel system.  She will be so well traveled!  She will be born and – wow! – What a nice travel system!  She’ll be so cozy in her infant car seat, even if it’s an ugly infant car seat.  And the stroller has many nice features; it’s plenty cozy too.

We made the purchase at Babies’R’Us.  They had expectant mothers parking spaces close to the store entrance (how does it ever get enforced?) that we didn’t really need to use yet.  For some unfathomable reason most sales people are young men.  Can you imagine yourself, or your husband or boyfriend or brother selling baby gear at eighteen or twenty?  Gosh, even when I was that age, when most women I know were that age, we took pride in our projected lack of sentimentality and maternal instinct.  I wanted to work in coffee shops and clothing stores.  Or book stores, may be.  The only explanation I can thin of for the proliferation of young men at Babies’R’Us is the fact that they are all ethnic.  Perhaps it’s socially acceptable in their circles.  White people, on the other hand, don’t have children.  Young white people are so not into babies. 


March 5, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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