Oh, the Bay Area

I went to a party last weekend.  It was a bit refreshing for a change.  I now spend most of my spare time laying around and resting.

I met some new people, and they said: “Wow!  I didn’t notice right away that you are pregnant! Only when you turned sideways.”  “Duh!  — I thought – My uterus doesn’t grow out of my hip.” 

Then they ask where am I going to have the baby.  “In the hospital, — I replied. – And most possibly with an epidural.”  They nodded.  “Only in the Bay Area, –the said. – You’d ask a question like that.  Of course you should have it in the hospital!”

I prefer to think of myself as an independent-minded person.  And yet even I feel pressure to forgo the epidural.  The main motivation is my mom, who, while not encouraging me to forgo anything said that she wasn’t in that much pain when she had me and when she had my sister.  It was pretty fast both times too.  So that started me thinking on whether or not I’ll need much pain management. 

Perhaps it’s better to go ahead with the epidural because for one thing you never know how it’s going to go.  Your baby’s head might be turned a little wrong, and then you’ll be trying and trying and trying, all without any luck and at the end will need a c-section.  And of course, why subject yourself to pain when you can avoid it. 

I’m not the kind of girl who fetishizes “the natural” but even if I were, one thing to understand about the human being is how unnatural we are.  Our labor is so much longer and so much more painful then animal labor both because we are bipedal and because our heads are so much bigger in relation to our bodies.  So why not use our disproportionally enlarged heads to alleviate the labor pains?


March 5, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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