How Big Does She Need to Be?

So, as it turned out, my husband was 9 pounds and 9 ounces at birth.  My dentist says, that it could have been because his mom was older, nearly forty, when she gave birth to him.  So she might have had gestational diabetes.  I don’t have gestational diabetes.

On the other hand, my husband is the largest in his family.  Perhaps I looked for wrong qualities in a mate.  I was searching for someone cute and someone cool, and certainly, someone smart and not an ass.  What I should have done, I should have asked boys how large they were at birth.  My husband says, “Yeah, you should have mated with a midget.”  I disagree.  There are people who are born tiny, but grow up to be tall adult.  It’s not the case with my family, though.  My dad is only average, but everyone on my mom’s side is very tall.  My mom is not that tall, but she was born in 1942, in the middle of the war, and grew up in the post-war years.  I am average on the tall side.  I was born 8.125, also average on the tall side, at least b contemporary American standards. 

My mom says that she was pretty big when she carried both me and my sister, but not quite as big as I am.  So I blame my husband.  Of course, I can also blame prenatal vitamins and generally good nutrition. 

I still have about one month and one week of very rapid growth, and I just don’t see how I will be able to fit into my maternity clothes.  A friend of mine who had her baby girl in November said that she too wasn’t able to fit into her maternity clothes the last month, and she didn’t gain that much weight.  I’m afraid that whole not being able to fit thing is going to happen to me earlier tough…

Knock on wood: I am not seeing any stretch marks yet.  But my bellybutton continues to unravel, which is a pity.  I am worried about the skin on my belly shrinking back postpartum.  I am also a little worried about gaining weight following the childbirth.  Apparently this is what happened to my mom.  She said that she gained weight to breastfeed.  But she lost it all as soon as she weaned us.  So it’s not much of a problem potentially, right?  But what if I don’t lose it?

After I told my mom how big my husband was, she calmed down a little about me gaining weight.  Now she’s concerned about her granddaughter being fat.

All I can say, she’d better be tall.  Otherwise, why am I carrying this balloon on my belly?  On the other hand, does she really need to be taller then 5’10”?

And mom, don’t worry: Judging by how she’s kicking my ribcage, she’s an athletic type and won’t have any trouble staying thin.  AND she’ll keep the whole family thin running around after her.


March 10, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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