Some Racial Aspects of Prenatal Social Interactions

As I mentioned in the past, middle-aged black ladies are the best.  They are the first to notice that you are with a child, and they treat you like a queen.  Next, black man and younger black women start noticing, and they all smile at you and say Congratulations!  In general colored people, like Philippine older women are really into talking about kids and pregnant ladies as well.

I haven’t had any experiences with Hispanics, believe it or not, so I can’t tell.

Nearly everyone at work is a Jew, and the once who lived in Israel are especially baby-happy.  But people I know don’t count; they have their own protocols.  I’m talking about strangers here.

White people and Chinese are the worst.  Old school Chinese especially.  Old school Chinese push like they are in a hospital delivery room.  I don’t know if they even see me.  They are always on the mission, and they seem to accept the fact that sometimes to accomplish their mission they’d have to knock you off your feet.

Drivers in this town are getting worth and worth every day.  Not just Chinese drivers, everyone.  Of course, in San Francisco half of the drivers are foreign.  People just need to accept the fact that Americans are the best drivers in the world, and learn from Americans in this respect, at least.  In San Francisco Bay Area they are ready to run you over.  Sometimes I feel like challenging them: Go ahead, run over a pregnant woman!  The other day I went downtown to buy some pregnancy stockings to protect myself from varicose veins.  It was about 6pm, and this one middle-aged blond was in such a hurry to get home, she took my right of way.  She is probably childless and bitter.


March 10, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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