I’ve been more of a hermit then usual lately.  I’m not straining myself to go out, and, in feat of being pushed, I no longer go to any shows.  Luckily, according to everyone there aren’t that many good shows out there now. 

This Friday a friend of ours had an art opening, so I figured the event was sufficiently mellow for a seven-months pregnant woman to make an appearance.  I’m glad we went because the show was good, and it was good to see people there.  There was much interest in pregnancy on the part of many female, and I was more then happy to indulge because, as you may suspect, I like talking about my daughter.  It was also nice to hear from my husband that people were saying that I look great.

One unfortunate thing about my looks is that it appears that I have no waist.  Therefore a pair of jeans without the wide stretchy waistband requires to be regularly pulled up… I still have almost two months to go… If the baby isn’t late, that is.

I’m supposed to rest and get enough sleep this trimester for an easier labor.  So actually going to that art opening and staying up past midnight is not exactly recommended.  On the other hand, though, I have a feeling that in the coming months I won’t be doing much socializing at all, so I might as well crumb some into my remaining pre-labor weeks.


March 18, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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