Sit Up Straight, Mommy!

For those of you who don’t know, uterus is hard as a rock, and as it grows various forms of upper body bends and twists become impossible.  By now my range of motion is sadly limited.  I took dance ten years ago now, and although I never had much of a turn out, I compensated for it with upper body flexibility.  Back then I was able to put my stomach on my thighs and then flex my feet without lifting my stomach.  I wonder if this agility will return after I deliver…

On the positive side, my posture is generally better.  With uterus occupying most of my tummy area, I wouldn’t be able to hunch over if I wanted to.  Unfortunately, I developed a habit of lifting my shoulders, possibly as a result of carrying larger then usual breasts.

My legs and butt are getting stronger, and now my stomach is rounder then it was a couple of months ago, possibly because I’m accumulating some sort of bloat in my abdominal area.  I hope it will go away eventually soon…


March 25, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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