The Last Hooray

Now that I have less then two months to go, I am trying to socialize my soul out.  Mind you, “trying” doesn’t normally amount to much because I run out of energy before you know it.  Nevertheless, this Thursday night I did go to my very own husband’s record release show.  I spent most of the time behind the merch table.  I kind of wanted to stay away from people for the fear of being pushed.  I’m a bit paranoid now, because normally people don’t get pushed at my husband’s shows.

The audience loved the show and was very kind to me as well.  One guy, for instance, bought the new CD and brought me a bottle of water.

Everyone wanted to know how my daughter is reacting to the music.  She was mostly unmoved, except when her daddy’s band started playing their number one hit song.  Then she enthusiastically kicked.

First few months after her birth are going to be madness, I’m sure.  Then we will resume some social life – dinners and B-B-Qs mostly, and other occasions where we can drag the baby.  We are even considering a one-year wedding anniversary Sonoma trip.  We’ll see how it goes with the baby.  In any case, shows, bars and other forms of nightlife are probably out of the question for quite some time.


March 25, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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