The Final Stretch

Two months ago the last trimester seemed like the final stretch; now that I’m in my last month, I am in the final final stretch.

My baby is dropping. I can now slouch a bit because my stomach is lower. It’s pretty darn big, too. I appear to need a beeb of some sort for my uterus. More often then not I get some sort of food smeared on my dress. I can’t get close to the table, and I’m pretty sloppy as well. Two days ago, and as a habit, I guess, I put a napkin on my lap. What a useless gesture, I thought. It’s not my skirt that’s in danger of getting messed up, but my top. The top of my uterus, to be precise. My best shot for eating like a grown up is to sit kind of sideways with my legs and my belly facing the table at a 45 degree angle.

Actually it’s my belly that’s dropping, not my baby. She is swimming in transverse position, i.e. sideways, a rare condition for the first pregnancy. She appears to be determined to return to this position no matter what we do. She has a mind of her own, my daughter.

She’s getting big and strong, and her active demeanor gets more and more painful. I am now unsure I’d want another baby that active. She pokes my ribs and hipbones, and as if this is not enough, she hits my soft tissue too. I am convinced I am all bruised from the inside.

She’s at her most annoying when she’s bumping on my bladder. Then I have to run to the bathroom every five minutes or so. I spent over an hour commuting to work; some of my commute went through bridges and tunnels. I got stuck in a tunnel a week ago, desperately wanting to use the bathroom. I complained to my doctor the next day, and got released a little earlier. So now I can lie on my couch and drink water, and if I need to pee, the bathroom is right here, and it’s all mine.

Actually, I try to walk as much as I can. My doctor told me not to because sometimes I feel ligament pains. But that’s just plain dumb! Walking is the best exercise to prepare for labor, and if I feel pain, I stop and rest for a sec. I didn’t take an issue with her over that, but I’m going to continue walking for a half an hour a day.


April 17, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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