Adventures in the Doula World

My old hippy co-workers who are all into projecting maternal something rather don’t know what a doula is.  My young co-workers were cheering for me to hire one.

All in all it seems like a good idea — I will have a professional with me at all times when I’m in the hospital.  She will come and practice relaxation and pain relive before birth, and make sure that everything will go according to my plan during.  Some of them will stop by after to make sure that the baby is latching on.  I’m more likely to follow her suggestions then that of family members who will probably irritate the hell out of me when I’m all in pain.

I’m interviewing some right now.  I had two concerns: First, I don’t want a natural birth fanatic running the show.  Second, I wanted her to be cool with my husband hanging out in the lobby most of the time.  As it turns out, customer is always right.  Most doulas are cool with epidural, probably because most women want to at least keep that option open.  After reading birth prep books that talked of “pregnant husbands” I was convinced that doulas will be judgmental on the account of me not wanting my husband observing me screeching during the transition stage.  So far they are not.


April 18, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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