We Have a Doula!

I didn’t have much confidence in most doulas I met.  My ideal doula is the kind who would take charge on my behalf.  Birthing is absolutely uncharted territory for me; I will forget all I learned about breathing and positions as soon as I get to the hospital.  I was imagining myself thumbing through my birth books trying to figure out what to try to comfort and how come I reached a plateau.  Duolas I interview were nice, but I could just see myself kicking them out of the labor room for being too “anything you want”.  Then came Emily.  She’s super-energetic and has a sales person demeanor.  I didn’t have to ask her any questions, she went into her little speech herself and a bit of a preview as well.  She showed me how she’d make me breathe correctly.  I can see myself following her advice.

She guessed that the baby is not positioned correctly.  Looking at myself in the mirror that night I could kind of see why: My stomach is now permanently asymmetrical with my daughter’s behind on the upper right and her head on the lower left.

Emily suggested acupuncture, and I might just take her up on that.  She said she’s full of good resources, so I will probe her for a pediatrician. 

My OBGyn sucks, I decided.  When I told her that my baby is laying horizontally, her reaction was: “Oh, she’d better turn soon!”  Good thing she probably won’t be delivering the baby.  She’ll be delivered by whoever shift it is.


April 19, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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