My Baby is a Sweetheart

I guess my OB is OK, after all.  I had an appointment today, and she looked at my baby’s position.  Her head is now deep inside my pelvis, and she is unlikely to turn!  Whew!  After spending eight months either diagonal or transverse, she finally assumed the launching position.

My belly is a bit smaller then usual, and for a while now the OB kept telling me that the baby is on the small side, seven pounds at most.  I was a bit perplexed by that because both me and my sister were just over eight pounds, and my husband, at two weeks post due, was 9 pounds 123 ounces.  So what am I ding wrong and why is my baby small? This ultrasound showed that my baby is good size.  Her head is normal, and apparently her back is long, so she’s likely to be tall.  I like that.  A tall baby with smaller head so that she comes out easier.

Finally, I asked the OB to check if the baby is still a girl.  She said that it will be difficult at this stage because she’s too big for small detail like sex to be picked up, but she’ll try.  She tried, and couldn’t see much because her legs were too close together.  BUT her genital area looked rather flat, so she thinks that the baby is likely a girl.  It looks like I’ll get to dress her up and take to ballet performances!

The main thing, of course, is that she turned, and I love her even more now!


April 20, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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