About That Moment of Truth

I had an unpleasant dream tonight.  One of my leg was lame, and I went shopping at a grocery store near our house.  I had four bags of groceries with me as well as another bag with my favorite skirt that I wore religiously three years ago.  The skirt was attached to a hanger.

I had to carry it all home, and I carried it all for a block or two, but then realized that the bags were too heavy for me and my lame leg.  So I decided that at each intersection I will leave two grocery bags on one side of the street, pick up the other two and carry them across.  Then I will deposit the grocery bags and return for the remaining two bags still carrying the skirt with me because it’s very light although the hanger made carrying the bag a bit uncomfortable.

I almost made it home, but I getting tired when I decided to go home with two bags only and then ask a neighbor to give me a ride to pick up the remaining two bags.  So I made it to our street, and many neighbors were out working on cars, watering flowers and talking.  I couldn’t decide who would be a better choice to ask for help before I woke up.

I know what it means, but I’m not telling.


April 23, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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