Vivid Pregnancy Dreams

I had two dreams tonight.  In one of them me and some other people went to Kharkov circus.  I grew up living near that building.  I don’t remember much about the performance or people who went there with me, only that we wound up making white origami birds, and during the intermission threw them on stage.  Then we went out into the foyer and on the balcony.  We threw the birds off the balcony, and went out of the building to check out the nearby Kharkov River and the whipping willows. I remember standing on the embankment looking at the opposite shore and commenting on how expensive the property is and how now that we are moving out, my husband and me would never be able to afford living there.  I was very pregnant.

We crossed the bridge and set on a bench in some very small park.  Then we crossed back and caught up with my dad who was sitting on a bench outside our apartment building and talking to a friend of a friend.  She was stupid and annoying and normally my dad wouldn’t have much patience for someone like her.  She and my companions left.  “Oh great, — I thought. – Now he’s going to lecture me on how retarded my friends are.”  To the contrary!  He said zanyatnaya, or she’s entertaining.  It was a bit disturbing.

Next we went to our old apartment.  The only person left there was my late great grandmother.  The furniture was still there.  My great grandmother put her right leg up on a table and was readjusting her garter.  “I am going to name my daughter after her, — I thought. – Middle name, at least.”  My grandmother was praying loudly in Hebrew; it was an end of the day going to sleep prayer.

I don’t remember my other dream.


April 24, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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