The Ordeal of Freedom: Childbirth Chapter

Once again I had no wild dreams. I am beginning to think that I just want to get the labor over with.

The only thing that’s bugging me right now is choice. Given that the benefits of epidural outweigh the potential risks so much, why even attempt to brave the pain? I won’t think of myself as less of a woman if I chose medication. As a matter of fact, I will think that it’s stupid to avoid it. I heard of other women who had experienced childbirth both with and without regional anesthesia say that they were stupid to choose natural.

Natural childbirth, be the way, involves certain pain management methods considered “natural” such as acupressure or hypnosis, only they are not as effective as medication. Traditionally midwives used all sorts of herbs and potions, but in this day in age they are not licensed to administer any substances.  You have to be a doctor to do that and everyone knows that medical practitioners are bad, and midwives are good. Natural equals traditional equals unmedicated. Something like that.

According to my Childbirth Prep instructor, midwifes would have a woman drink a shot of vodka when she goes into labor. The instructor herself would not recommend that, perhaps because she was on Kaiser time, but my doula suggested a glass of wine. I love my doula!

On the other hand, if the baby comes out slightly disoriented and has troubles latching on or if I wouldn’t know how to push and they have to cut my vagina and insert the forceps, I’ll feel different about it.


April 27, 2007. Breedosaurus, Random thoughts.

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