Experience Speaking

New mothers often ask me for advise… ehr, no.  Lets pretend they do.

My advice is this: Steal hospital swaddling blankets.  Receiving blankets you buy in stores are no good.  They are too small even at birth.  Fancy blankets are too slippery.  IKEA has some good baby blankets, but they are too warm for summer nights, let alone summer days.  Then they are the blankets designed specifically for swaddling, but they are tailored to infants of certain size, so they only fit well for a couple of days.

Why can’t anyone produce proper size blankets for sale is beyond me.  I assume there is market for something like that. Then again, maybe there is not.  A good deal of baby products are designed for baby showers, i.e. they supposed to elicit baby sounds from grown women. If I had to single out the single most useless baby product I proudly own, I’d have to say its diaper duck.  A diaper duck is a ducky that looks like a ducky you get for your baby in hope that it would calm down for a second when you are washing it.  A diaper duck, on the other hand, is something that goes into mommy’s diaper bag.  Its staffed with small blue plastic bags in which parent can put a soiled diaper before disposal.  I wonder if they even bother to manufacture refills.

I guess people like buying bay staff, especially baby girl staff.  I am now in receipt of the most inexplicably frilly pink onesies; most of them unsolicited.  Unfortunately I have to thank every gift-giver profusely, which gives them ideas.


June 25, 2007. Breedosaurus, Random thoughts.

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