Good Things Come to Those Who Don’t Try

My daughter Luuuuuuvs my dad.  She follows him with her eyes across the room, and when he comes up to her, starts vocalizing.  She is visibly disappointed when he moves away. 

Due to arthritis complication my dad is not allowed to hold the baby.  Was he allowed, he wouldn’t do much of it anyways.  He loves her dearly.  He looks at her picture all day long when he’s at home, but he’s not very helpful when he’s around, and he doesn’t know how to play with her.  We had to prop him up, to tell him to talk to her about things like how his day went.  He usually produces something like “I woke up, had a cup of coffee. Then I went to a sore and bought a book.  Then I had another cup of coffee.” I plea with him to tell her about the book, but he refuses: She doesn’t understand this yet.  He didn’t play with baby me much either.  Yet somehow my mom reports that he was involved in bathtime help when I was little.  His old training kicked in when yesterday he went into the bathroom when we were washing her.  I made him hold the towels.

Why or why does she like him so much?  I have three working theories.

  1. Because he’s not involved in baby care he doesn’t upset her.  She’s never frustrated with him for not sticking her tit into her mouth fast enough.  Or for the above-mentioned water torture known as bathing.
  2. Scent.  I hear that there was another baby girl, my mother’s girlfriend’s daughter who was into him.  Perhaps he smells good to babies.
  3. He’s a bib baby himself.  Perhaps they sense a related soul.

June 26, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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