Never Leave Your Bags Unattended, Esp. in Tel-Aviv Airport

Shortly before I had my daughter, I posted about a late pregnancy nightmare of mine.

I suppose I was too pregnant to really make anything of the dream.

This dream is set in three locations: Israel, a hipster hangout, UC Berkeley. They appear in reverse chronological order of what was important to me. In other words, I’m going back in time.

Dream starts in Israel, the homeland, where I am visiting with immediate female relatives. I am dreaming about my roots, feminine nature and continuation of our bloodline. Key event in this part of the dream is my family loosing our largest suitcase. At this point our largest suitcase is my uterus – at least if we are to believe Dr. Freud. There are many places where leaving your luggage unattended is not recommended. Any airport would do. Any place in Israel would do. One of my mom’s girlfriends, now an Israeli, told us of her adventures rushing to retrieve her purse in a park before police would get to it and destroy it. An Israeli airport is doubly precarious. Anyhow, equally significant is the fact that I was chasing our largest suitcase down the escalator. Down the birth canal? Giving birth is dangerous both for myself and everyone around me, and it has to be stopped.

Curiously, much of the action in this dream is taking place on the stairs, escalators and elevators. Again, the birth canal. The second act is near Mama’s Royal Café. It’s a popular breakfast place, but I found the food gross, and never frequented there. If it popped up in my dream, it’s because you know – royal mama. I’m seating at the bottom of the steps and breastfeeding. I.e. I gave birth and am now a mother. It’s working out. I’m bonding with the baby; I am in public, although near the café not inside of it. Still the baby doesn’t seem to intrude on my lifestyle too much.

But wait! I have a class, and I go even further back in time (and further away from my current home). I listen to a typical Berkeley lecture, and Berkeley is not a place where the faculty is likely to tell girls importance of motherhood in woman’s life. The class, by the way, is an undergraduate lecture. I found my undergraduate experience meaningful.

I leave after class oblivious about leaving my large bag behind. I’m relived that I don’t need to carry anything, i.e. there is no pregnancy, no burden. BTW in Russian pregnancy literally means “burdened”.

After leaving the building I remember about my baby. I left it upstairs, i.e. it never leaves the uterus, and I have to take the elevator (up the birth canal) to retrieve it. Curiously negotiation might have been in issue in my baby’s death. As I stood between floors and waiting for elevator talking to a person who always finds the middle ground my baby lied in her plastic bag suffocating. In other words, time is coming for me to give birth; if I don’t the baby will suffocate in the uterus.

Equally interesting is the later dream I mentioned in the beginning of my post. That one wasn’t a nightmare. Ségolène Royal, a mother of four, won French elections with a healthy margin. Remember Mama’s Royal Café? In other words, motherhood wins.


June 30, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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