Ask Me About the Squirrel

My mom drives me crazy. I somehow believe that my grandmother had more sense.

For instance, me, my daughter and my mom were sitting on our patio, enjoying the day. A squirrel hopped along our fence. I’m not a big fan of squirrels, I actually find them rather annoying, but that’s about it. My mom freaked out that the squirrel would somehow hurt my kid who was sleeping peacefully in her super-safe car seat.

“She (the squirrel – ed) was hopping atop the fence, but then she stopped and stared at the baby!”

I tried to talk some sense into my mom: “She stares at me too, she’s a dumb animal. But there is no known specie of carnivorous squirrels.”

My mom probably felt cornered because she said: “What if she missteps and falls into the car seat?”

If you think that my mom is crazy, consider her brother. He was ones driving down the freeway with his daughter and her kids following a minute or two behind. He saw an eagle sitting on the tree by the freeway. I guess that eagle was particularly sinister looking because he found it necessary to call my cousin and warn her about the eagle.

My uncle gives out a false aura of rationality in everyday life… On the other hand, he’s not completely lost because he now realizes that he must had irritated my cousin tremendously.


July 10, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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