Tickles and Sounds

My daughter is growing and becoming more and more complex every day.

Every morning I come to her bassinette and wonder at how much larger she seems. I had to teach myself to recalculate my every move because her body is bigger and heavier each time I pick her up, and if I don’t recalculate every move, I might hurt her.

When she was born, my mother marveled at her very feminine sigh – practically the only sound she produced when she wasn’t screaming her lungs off. No worry, in a weak or two she discovered a new sound, and dropped her little sigh. That sound was an old man’s grunt. She stuck with that one for a while. Her repertoire is much larger now, and she no longer does neither the sight nor the grunt.  Her favorite is a pirate’s ARRRRR!

She talks to us with her many sounds.  I’m sure she’s full of bright ideas.  She’ll be so much fun ones she starts talking!

She’s becoming a social being, which consists of her wanting to hang out and resisting sleep. She gets herself overtired, and she exhausts her mom who now has to carry her around constantly and tickle her silly. Putting her to bed for some well-deserved sleep is not an option.


July 10, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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