Of Pacifiers and Men

My daughter is mustering new skills every day.  About a week ago she learned to scream without dropping her pacifier.  Today she pulled her pacifier with her left hand.

Speaking of pacifiers, I was taking a shower the other day (a rare treat these days!) when I realized that the single most agonizingly difficult decision in my life was whether or not to give her a pacifier.  The second most agonizingly difficult decision was when to give it to her.

On one hand there was this legitimate worry that while pacifier will save my nipple from the nipping monster who likes to suck for comfort, it might result in a whole host of physical and psychological problems.  On the other hand I was jealous: what if my firstborn will prefer the rubber to my tit?

It all seemed to work out well.  My daughter latched on perfectly, and she knows when a real thing tickles her lip.  All too well, unfortunately, because she spits out (and now pulls out) the pacifier if she feels like crying her lungs out.


July 12, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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